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Brewery 26

Brewery 26 - Nano Brewery - Portland, Oregon

Highway 26 runs from Cannon Beach, Oregon all the way to Nebraska. Most of that stretch doesn't really mean a lot to us. However this western most stretch means a lot to us. Starting at the beautiful Oregon coast and running up to Mt. Hood with Portland as the perfect centerpiece, Highway 26 holds things near and dear to us. Oceans, mountains, and one of the best cities in the world. 

We love the northwest and are incredibly grateful to call it home. We strive to make Northwest Style Beers for Northwest Lifestyles.  


Back in 2013 two friends who loved to brew started thinking about building a bigger brewing system so that they could brew bigger batches together. While researching that they came across Nano Breweries that not only broke even, but some that were actually able to turn a profit! So they started the process…

Turn the clock forward to today. While one of the founders stepped out of the operation, the other is plugging away. Not only have we grown, it’s successful. Small scale, small batches, high quality, and a pursuit of perfection in a pint glass. 

Thank you for the support!



Funhouse Brews

Funhouse Brews - Nano Brewery -Portland, Oregon

A North Portland home-based Nanobrewery, Funhouse operates a 2 bbl. system and self-distributing 1/4 and 1/6 barrels. Brewmaster Jason Rizos began brewing in 2001, obtained BJCP Certification in 2006, and has won medals at the Best Florida Beer Competition, Oregon Fall Classic, and Oregon State Fair. Funhouse Styles are handcrafted, unorthodox, “chimerical” crossbreeds of classic styles, with a focus on processes and ingredients impractical or impossible on a scale larger than 2 bbls.

In addition to brewing, Jason Rizos is an author of fiction and nonfiction, and a writing teacher at Portland Community College. He enjoys exploring the wonders of Pacific Northwest outdoors with his wife and two whippets, Supernova and Delilah.


Leikam Breiwing

Leikam Brewing - Nano Brewery - Portland, Oregon

One of the best things about opening a brewery is the smile people get when you tell them. Everybody wants great beer… especially in Portland, Oregon where beer flows like the Willamette, through the heart of the city. It was a pipe dream at first. Theo had been brewing beer as a hobby for about 6 years, but start a brewery? In our backyard? We talked about it for months. Then, while visiting Costa Rica with our family, we sat down and said “That’s it, no more talking–we are going to do it!” With three boys now under the age of 10, it has been a crazy ride full of late nights and long, unexpected obstacles… and laughter.

Theo is our CEO/President/Founder and responsible for all brewery operations. Theo also doubles as our “Master Brewer” and recipe development “team”, accounting,  purchasing, shipping and receiving, muscle and more. He is also our keg washer, janitor, head of maintenance, and everything else.

Sonia Marie is our Co-Founder/Marketing Director/ Sales Executive/ Social Media Ambassador and  preforms “other duties as assigned.” As assistant brewer, she is also responsible for finding creative ways to use spent grains, watering the hops in the yard and friendly customer service.


Moonshrimp Brewing

Moonshrimp Brewing - Dedicated Gluten Free - Nano Brewery - Portland, Oregon

Moonshrimp's goal is to make delicious beer available for all. For too long those who can't consume gluten have missed out on tasty, dynamic, craft beers. Moonshrimp is here to change that.
Truly Gluten free and Vegan...Always.What do we mean when we say gluten free and vegan?

  • No wheat, barley, malt, or other gluten source anywhere in the brewery property, ever. 
  • No oats or oat products regardless of certifications or source. 
  • All brand new equipment to eliminate the possibility of residual gluten. 
  • No geletain or isenglass used to clarify the beer. 
  • No honey (except in Theia ale wine). 
  • All verified beet sugar (cane sugar is objectionable to some vegans due to the way it is processed). 
  • No food is allowed in the brewing or bottling area at any time, ever. 


FlyBoy Brewing


World war II imagery and an extensive list of excellent beers. 2 locations. Great food at the Tigard location. More to come soon!